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Introducing 'The Walk Home': A podcast about the life and death of Manny Ellis

Lance Kagey Of Rotator Creative

KNKX is proud to announce a new project co-produced with The Seattle Times: The Walk Home. The special limited-series podcast launches Wednesday, September 7.

In March of 2020, Manuel “Manny” Ellis was killed in police custody. There were some news reports of the death at the time, but without additional evidence coming to light, the story quietly faded away. But shortly after the murder of George Floyd – and the social justice uproar that took hold of the country – the public found out that Manny’s death had been ruled a homicide by the Pierce County medical examiner.

Manny Ellis’ killing would bring about a reckoning to Washington state.

Three of the Tacoma police officers involved have been charged, setting up what promises to be one of the highest-profile trials in Pacific Northwest history.

Monèt Carter-Mixon, 30, is Manuel Ellis' younger sister.
Parker Miles Blohm
Monèt Carter-Mixon is Manuel Ellis' younger sister.

In partnership with The Seattle Times investigative team, South Sound reporter Kari Plog and Special Projects reporters and producers Will James and Mayowa Aina delve deep into the story of Manny Ellis. The Walk Home follows the journey of Manny’s sister Monèt Carter-Mixon as she fights to bring more attention to her brother.

Kari, Mayowa, Will and Seattle Times investigative reporter Patrick Malone deliver a podcast that will look at the culture around policing and its broader implications for every community in Washington.

KNKX has a reputation for long-form narrative storytelling. We have a history of creating in-depth and engaging podcasts including Forgotten Prison and Transmission. KNKX and The Seattle Times previously co-produced the award-winning Outsiders, a story about homelessness.

We are proud of the work the team has done to create this podcast over the past two years and hope you’ll join us on another storytelling journey.

Listen to the prologue above and find more information at

Look for the first episode on Wednesday, September 7 on The Walk Home website or wherever you get your podcasts. You’ll also hear excerpts from The Walk Home on KNKX’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

You can make more projects like this possible by signing up to give monthly to local public media and KNKX. Thank you to everyone who supports our local public radio journalism.

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  • On the night of March 3, 2020 — three months before George Floyd was murdered — Manny Ellis encountered police while walking home in Tacoma, Washington. He died on that dark street corner. Officers say it was an accident brought on by Manny himself. The story almost ended there. Introducing a new podcast, The Walk Home, produced by KNKX News and The Seattle Times.
  • Manuel "Manny" Ellis was walking home from a convenience store on the night of March 3, 2020, when he was encountered by two Tacoma police officers. They got into an altercation that left Ellis dead on a street corner along the border of South Tacoma and unincorporated Pierce County.