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Northwest Detention Center
Ted S. Warren / The Associated Press

Tacoma leaders respond to fatal shooting outside ICE detention center

Tacoma's mayor and city manager have called Saturday's fatal shooting by police outside an ICE detention center a tragedy, and linked the death to "increasingly divisive national rhetoric" and intensifying actions by immigration authorities.

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Adrian Florez / KNKX

The Washington Court of Appeals has declared a Seattle tax on wealthy households is unconstitutional. The city passed the income tax on high earners in 2017, but it hasn't gone into effect because of court challenges.

Democratic presidential candidate Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, speaks to the press before the start of the Democratic primary debate hosted by NBC News at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Art, Wednesday, June 26, 2019, in Miami.
Brynn Anderson / The Associated Press

Gov. Jay Inslee was able to raise more than $3 million in the second quarter of this year. He’s still far behind some of his fellow Democratic candidates in the race for president in 2020. Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins has updates on fundraising totals, as well as possible decisions Inslee may need to make regarding his status in the presidential race. 

Texas artist Beili Liu said her daughter Cyan, 5, inspired her to build Each and Every, a new installation in Seattle's MadArt Studio and an expression of concern for migrant children held in immigration detention centers as their families seek asylum.
Enrique Pérez de la Rosa / KNKX

Beili Liu is soaking her daughter's old clothes in concrete. They lose their bright colors and patterns as soon as she submerges them in the gray goo. When the concrete dries on Liu's shop table, the cloth stiffens straight and loses its soft texture. Wrinkles and folds in the fabric are frozen in swirling waves.

Liu is working on an installation in Seattle’s MadArt studio. It’s how the Texas-based artist is expressing concern for the well-being of children in immigration detention centers, as their families seek asylum.

A group of North Korean defectors sing a hymn at a Lynnwood church during a Sunday-evening service.
Gabriel Spitzer / KNKX


Escaping North Korea is treacherous, and the flow of refugees has slowed to a trickle in recent years, making North Korean defectors a rare breed. But more than two dozen of them are in the Seattle area this week. 

Ashley Gross / KNKX

Almost half of Washington students are non-white and addressing their needs in public schools is a growing priority in the state.

Earlier this year, lawmakers passed a bill encouraging schools to offer an ethnic studies course to middle and high school students. In the Puget Sound region, a group of teachers is working on developing more culturally responsive math lessons.

Reggie Goings channels Ray Charles with Randy Halberstadt & Joe Doria in background.
Courtesy of Jim Levitt

Ray Charles made some great records with his own big band and with Count Basie, and these tunes and arrangements were featured in the last set of concerts for the Seattle Repertory Concert season. Guest soloists Joe Doria on Hammond B3 organ, and singer Reggie Goings provided the necessary touch of Ray Charles' organ and vocals. 



This show originally aired on May 26, 2018. 

Credit Parker Miles Blohm

This story originally aired on May 26, 2018.

Naomi Wachira was born and raised in Kenya, studied broadcasting in Chicago, then theology in Seattle. While she always had an impressive singing voice -- she sang in choirs since she was five -- becoming a professional musician wasn’t truly on the radar until 2013, after her father, a pastor in Kenya, passed away.

University of Washington

  This story originally aired on May 26, 2018.

Ana Mari Cauce says her relationship with her big brother was pretty typical when they were growing up. 

"Every scar on his body was probably given to him by me," Cauce says, "He had a scar over his mouth where I kicked hime in the mouth -- not on puprose! He was in the front seat, I was in the back seat. He did some kind of name-calling and so I went to kick the back of teh seat, he turned around I caught his tooth."

Courtesy of Jason Webley and Chicken John

This story originally aired on May 26, 2018.

On a hot, windy night in San Francisco, a good friend of Everett musician Jason Webley climbed into a dumpster. His nickname was Chicken John, and he crouched at the bottom of the dumpster to light a cigarette. What he found, there among the garbage, turned out to be unexpected treasure: an oversized, handmade leather scrapbook that was falling apart.


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Catherine Russell in the KNKX Studios.
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Catherine Russell continues her classic jazz explorations

It seems the timing was just right for Catherine Russell’s third KNKX studio session. Her new album, Alone Together , had risen to the top of the jazz charts. Also, the just-ended fund drive had all of us in the mood to celebrate.

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Jazz Northwest debuts new releases from Seattle spanning 50 years

Jazz Northwest celebrates the release of new albums ranging from the Sixties to the teens from sessions that took place in Seattle. A new gatefold double LP set recorded from live radio broadcasts in 1966-1967 features The Cannonball Adderley Quintet at The Penthouse, a jazz club in Pioneer Square during the Sixties.

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