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WATCH: Ongoing Senate impeachment trial live

The Senate is holding a trial on the impeachment of President Donald Trump, who is accused by the U.S. House of abusing his power and obstructing Congress. Each day of the trial will stream through this player as proceedings begin. At the conclusion of the trial, senators are expected to vote on whether Trump should be removed from office.

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Washington lawmakers are tackling a variety of weighty issues this year from homelessness to prescription drug pricing to transportation funding to …. the legality of kids’ lemonade stands.

That’s right, lemonade stands are on the agenda for the 2020 legislative session in Olympia.

Do you want to own an old ferryboat? A retired Washington car ferry is for sale again after the current owner's many ideas for the boat did not work out.

President and CEO of the Downtown Seattle Association, Jon Scholes, encouraged the crowd gathered at Westlake Park last Friday to attend Tuesday's Public Safety and Human Services Committee meeting.
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Crime along the Pike and Pine corridor has been an ongoing issue that the City of Seattle has tried to address. Seattle City Council member Lisa Herbold chairs the Public Safety and Human Services Committee, and she says this subject remains a priority.

The concerns about public safety in downtown Seattle have escalated, following last week's fatal shooting on Third Avenue. 

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For the third time in U.S. history, the Senate is in the midst of an impeachment trial of the president.

For many local teachers, this is a unique opportunity to educate students about the Constitution and how the government works, and that’s pretty exciting.

The Evictions Study

Interactive maps from an ongoing study of evictions in Washington state illustrate striking patterns in the Puget Sound region, including the way evictions continue to disproportionately impact people of color.

Jimmy Heath
Roger Galloway

The late saxophonist and composer Jimmy Heath appeared in Seattle several times, with The Heath Brothers and with The Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra. He was commissioned by the SRJO to compose a suite "The Endless Search" which the orchestra premiered in 2006 at a concert in Benaroya Hall. He returned a year later to make a studio recording of the suite with SRJO.  Parts 2 and 3 of the suites will be featured on today’s episode of Jazz Northwest. 

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Our latest Sound Effect theme is “Friend or Foe.” First, we hear how artists took over a business group and changed Camano Island. Then, we meet an ex-Army Ranger whose flip-flop business is an olive branch for peace. We dive into the epic life of Sidney Rittenberg, a "towering historical figure" who settled near Tacoma. We learn about the ups and downs of having someone else’s DNA. And one woman shares how a bad fortune telling session led to a new outlook on life — and some payback. 

Personal Collection of Sidney Rittenberg, via Stourwater Pictures



Sidney Rittenberg was a singular figure — an American who was a close associate of Mao Zedong, who held high-ranking positions in the Chinese Communist Party, who was on the inside during some of the most important events of the 20th century. 


And Gregory Youtz was meeting him for lunch. 


The nucleus is blue.
Courtesy of Dr. J. Lee Nelson and Coline Gentil

Not all of the cells in your body actually belong to you. Some cells might be from your mother, passed to you from when you were in utero. If you had children, their cells passed into your body the same way.

Researchers say that this can sometimes even be true for women who have a miscarriage in the second trimester or later, or who decided to terminate a pregnancy. 

This phenomenon is called microchimerism. So, what are these cells doing in our bodies? Scientists are just scratching the surface of this and what they are finding is incredibly fascinating.

Jack Archibald



The Rev. Chumleigh wasn’t exactly a regular at meetings of the Camano Island Chamber of Commerce. 

He’s a vaudeville entertainer who, at various times, has been known to walk tightropes, eat fire and get shot out of cannons. He’s also an irascible political lefty — in short, an odd fit for the business group. 


On Air Now

A podcast about homelessness aimed to help you understand one of the most complicated issues facing the region.
Dick Stein and Nancy Leson share their views on food, cooking and eating. Sometimes they even agree.

Featured Studio Session

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Trio Subtonic opens a KNKX studio session double header

On the afternoon of opening up for Kneebody, one of their favorite bands, our Portland friends Trio Subtonic played the same role in the KNKX studios. Spirits were high, and the trio brought a pair of exciting additions.

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Featured Jazz Northwest

Courtesy of Jim Levitt

Wycliffe Gordon With The Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra

Hear highlights from a concert by The Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra with special guest Wycliffe Gordon recorded last weekend at The Kirkland Performance center. Wycliffe Gordon is a multi award and poll-winning trombonist, in addition to playing the trumpet and singing, he also conducted SRJO. Wycliffe Gordon also composed most of the music in this hour of highlights.

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