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Soon the Pilchuck River will be redirected to its original channel, after the removal of two dam structures that have held it back for more than 100 years.
Parker Miles Blohm / KNKX

Pilchuck Dam removal nearing completion, with 37 miles of good fish habitat upstream

This week, the Pilchuck River will be redirected to its original channel, after the removal of two dam structures that have held it back for more than 100 years. It’s a relatively small project , compared to the monumental dam removals on the Elwha River in 2014 or even this summer’s explosive demolition work on the Nooksack. But taking down this 10-by-60-foot barrier promises to dramatically improve critical habitat for salmon and steelhead.

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Kent Superintendent Calvin Watts
Ashley Gross / KNKX

In a 3-2 vote, the Kent School Board has voted to extend the contract for Superintendent Calvin Watts, a move that comes amid some community controversy.


Walking into the vast B Reactor chamber at the Hanford Site, Tri-Cities musician Denin Koch felt the pull of history and innovation.


Trumpeter Jonah Elbaum from West Seattle High School will take over Evening Jazz with Abe Beeson tonight at 8 p.m. (Aug. 6) as guest DJ. He is a junior and in the school's jazz band. He is also an aspiring filmmaker. Listen to his show and read his Q&A. 

Harold Lopez-Nussa shouts "I TOLD YOU SO" on the cover of his new album "Te Lo Dije"
courtesy of the artist

The capricious gods of remote broadcasting prevented us from hearing the new music that I had planned for last Saturday's Jazz Caliente. We're making up for it this week. Here is what's in store:

Ted S. Warren / The Associated Press

SEATTLE (AP) — Gov. Jay Inslee said Wednesday that schools in the majority of Washington's counties should strongly consider online-only learning for students this fall due to COVID-19 and canceling or postponing sports and all other in-person extracurricular activities.

Inslee made the announcement with the superintendent of public instruction for Washington and the state's health officer.

Okanogan County is eastern Washington’s latest area of concern for COVID-19 cases.

Eight people, at least two of them foreign H-2A farmworkers, have died in the county. That’s considered a lot for the geographically large yet relatively sparsely populated county of about 42,000 people.

The recovery in airline travel seems to have hit a plateau in recent weeks, according to Transportation Security Administration checkpoint screening numbers. With the end of coronavirus pandemic seemingly beyond the horizon, the near future is turning grim for workers in the airline and airports sector.

Multiple airport tenants in Seattle and Portland issued layoff notices in the past week. But in a possible sign of optimism over the long term, the Pacific Northwest's major airport operators, the ports of Seattle and Portland, are continuing with big budget construction projects.

King County Prosecutor's Office

COVID-19 has slowed down things like the economy and travel, but it has not had the same effect on gun violence.

In King County, from January this year through the end of June, 140 people were shot and 36 of those cases resulted in fatalities. That’s a 44 percent increase in gun deaths from this same period last year.

Stein / KNKX

This story originally aired Aug. 21, 2019.   

Those colorful bean seeds I traded our cow for worked only too well. No vine to the sky, but plenty of green beans here on the ground. So many that we're having trouble keeping up. One day the thought came to me: Green bean spaghetti. Could there be a recipe for such a thing?

In .47 seconds I discovered 14,100,000 of them.  

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Marina Gray says her 11-year-old son has fallen into a pandemic pattern.

Like many kids his age, he plays the video game Fortnite with his friends. Back in the pre-coronavirus days, Gray had strict screen-time limits, but now she’s relaxed those restrictions because the game allows him to stay social while also staying safe from the virus.


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Transmission is a podcast about life at the heart of the COVID-19 epidemic in the Pacific Northwest.
A podcast about homelessness aimed to help you understand one of the most complicated issues facing the region.

Featured Studio Session

Nate Wood of Kneebody.
Parker Miles Blohm / KNKX

Kneebody gets comfortable in the KNKX studios

Having just flown in that day from Vancouver, the four men of Kneebody settled into the KNKX studios to briefly catch their breath and play a few songs. Their new album Chapters comes out Oct. 18, and their world tour is kicking into gear.

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Featured Jazz Northwest

Amber French

Recent Releases By Northwest Artists On Jazz Northwest

A sampling of new and recent releases by resident Northwest musicians is featured on Jazz Northwest this week. One of the most unusual is Recording Ban by Jacob Zimmerman. The title refers to the musicians' union strike against the recording companies 1942-1944. The Recording Ban occurred at a time when jazz was evolving from Swing to Bop and as a result some significant music was not played in recording studios during those years. Jacob Zimmerman zeroed in on that period for his debut...

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