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Business news and features from the Puget Sound region. Stay up-to-date with the latest business news and more.
  • This latest iteration of Amazon's package delivery drones will be used to drop off packages in customers' backyards.
    Amazon Prime Air
    Amazon made news this month by announcing it will start package deliveries by aerial drone to real customers in a northern California town. In the run up to the U.S. debut, the company conducted extensive flight tests in Eastern Oregon, where it experienced a spate of crashes. Amazon said Monday the upcoming rollout of commercial drone delivery signifies the refined technology is safe and no longer experimental.
  • Residential solar electric installations are booming in the Pacific Northwest, along with potentially deceptive marketing of such.
    Kristian Buus
    Wikimedia Commons
    Solar power installations on home rooftops are surging in Oregon and Washington state. Alongside, you may have noticed an uptick in ads pitching rooftop solar, or even gotten an in-person solicitation. Some of the sales pitches contain dubious or potentially misleading claims. And now, consumer watchdogs are urging homeowners to do their homework before signing any contract.