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UPDATE: Laura McCollum leaves the island

McNeil Island
Parker Miles Blohm

Laura McCollum, who was profiled in Episode 2 of Forgotten Prison, has been conditionally released from the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island. Hosts Simone Alicea and Paula Wissel spoke with KNKX's Kirsten Kendrick about what that means.

McCollum, 61, pleaded guilty in 1990 to child rape in the first degree. She was civilly committed as a "sexually violent predator" after serving more than five years in prison.

A judge ordered her release in April. She left the island earlier this month, and has been living in Pierce County.

Her release comes with strict conditions, including GPS monitoring and chaperones. Violations of any of those conditions will result in being sent back to the SCC.

The commitment center is the only facility on McNeil Island still operating since the prison closed in 2011. It's where Washington state civilly commits people who have been labeled sexuall violent predators after they have completed their prison time.

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