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The Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra (SWOJO) --- Limited Edition | Live Studio Session

Parker Miles Blohm

For 15 years, The Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra has been a mainstay of the Northwest jazz scene, and ever since KPLU has been doing studio sessions in our Seattle studios, we’ve wanted to have them come in and play live for you.  One problem:  our studio isn’t big enough for the entire orchestra. 

 And that was that until they were kind enough to select a quintet of players to come in and do a show.  So what you’ll hear in the Studio Session is, in a sense, a distillation of SWOJO’s talent.  The rhythm section of Ann Reynolds (piano), Morgan Gilkeson (drums) and Rachael Contorer (bass) are joined by saxophonist Sidney Houser and trumpeter Anna Mines.  They’re going to play three original compositions for you.  As you marvel at how great they sound, multiply by 3 the number of musicians you’re hearing and imagine how terrific these songs would sound being played by the entire orchestra.  Then go out some night and hear them live.  They're even better than you imagine.