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Jacob Zimmerman Quintet — Outside In

Generally, jazz musicians who devote themselves to avant-garde and free jazz begin by working in ‘straight-ahead’ groups and then begin experiment with music concepts that are more ‘outside’.  Not so with Seattle saxophonist, Jacob Zimmerman.  In this KPLU Studio Session, he tells host, Abe Beeson, that a teacher turned him on to avant garde musicians when Jacob was in 6th grade, so he cut his teeth on adventurous artists like Anthony Braxton. But is his new album ‘Record Ban’ avant-garde?  

It is not.  It’s a collection of compositions that harken back to the US recording ban in the early to mid-1940’s.  So how and why did he go from Anthony Braxton ‘back’ to Coleman Hawkins and other artists of that era?  He’ll tell you in this studio session and treat you to 4 great songs from the days of the recording ban.  This is one of the most interesting and spirited sessions we’ve had in a long time.  Enjoy.


Jacob Zimmerman - saxophone

Raymond Larsen - trumpet

Jake Svendsen - piano

Nate Parker - bass

Evan Woodle - drums


'1944 Stomp' - Don Byas

'Tiny's Exercise' - Tiny Grimes

'Stardust' - Hoagy Carmichael

'Dee Dee's Dance' - Budd Johnson