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The Bad Plus Joshua Redman - Blinded By The Light

The Bad Plus is one of the most in-demand trios in jazz.  Joshua Redman is one of the most in-demand saxophonists.  When the trio and the saxophonist joined forces to become The Bad Plus Joshua Redman, the star-power threatened to be blinding, so when they came to KNKX for a live session, we all had sunglasses near at hand.

As it turns out, we didn’t need them.  Yes, they are a stunning quartet but they are also humble, thoughtful and humorous about the wonderful music they make.  They’re also incredibly excited about it.  In this performance interview with Abe Beeson, they play two adventurous songs from their first release as a group.  Between numbers, the group talks about how this current team-up came about and what they hope its future will be.


  1. As This Moment Slips Away
  2. Beauty Has It Hard

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