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Show us your best thrift-store cooking gear

Dec 7, 2011

For many a year I was quite proud that other than appliances I owned no kitchen tools, pots, pans or gear of any kind that I paid more than $10 for.  

There was just one problem.

A lot of that stuff was junk. 

I've since learned that decent equipment, knives especially, make a big difference and sometimes you just have to shell out. But not always. 

As my "Food for Thought" pard, Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson brags in this thrilling episode.  Hear all about it by clicking "listen" up above. 

And now – game show host voice – Let's  just take a look at her fabulous thrift store buys!

What's your best thrift store kitchen acquisition?  Post a picture in the comments section below, just click the "+ image" button.

"Thrift comes too late when you find it at the bottom of your purse."

 –  Seneca

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