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Cuban Sunshine With Kiki Valera And La Serenata Cubana

Jul 18, 2018

Kiki Valera comes from the famous La Familia Valera Miranda, a multi-generational traditional musical group from Santiago de Cuba.  He’s known as one of the world’s greatest players of the Cuban guitar known as the cuatro.  

La Serenata Cubana is Kiki Valera's first big solo (without La Familia) project in the US, bringing together top-notch musicians from Cuba and Seattle to celebrate Cuba’s musical traditions of son, bolero, guaracha, and guajira.  Prior to their show at the Triple Door on July 13, they brought sunshine to our studios for a delightful performance and interview. 


1.   Pajaro Lindo

2.   El Empanadillero

3.   El Perro de Juan

4.    Sobre Una Tumba, Una Rumba

Musicians:Kiki Valera-cuatro, Javier Marú-guitar, José Joaqin Alayo-bass, Alexis B-trumpet, Coco Freeman-lead vocals, José de Jesús-conga drums, Steve Smith-bongos and percussion.