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The Jury Deliberates Part 2

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Lance Kagey Of Rotator Creative

While the jury deliberates, we dive into the defense strategy, the dueling narratives over Manny’s cause of death, and the decisions the jury has to make.

The 2020 police killing of Manuel "Manny" Ellis, a Black man in Tacoma, brought a reckoning to Washington State and set up what promises to be one of the highest-profile trials in Pacific Northwest history. After nine weeks of testimony and arguments, the verdict in this historic trial is now in the hands of the jury. This is Part 2 of an episode looking back at key moments during the trial.

Listen to Part 1 to hear the eyewitness testimony and hear the officers take the stand in their own defense.

Listen to this episode for an in-depth look into the defense strategy, the dueling narratives over Manny’s cause of death, and central questions that the jury is presented with.

Follow the KNKX's coverage at for regular updates during the trial.

Listen to the entire story in The Walk Home, a podcast by KNKX Public Radio and The Seattle Times, with support from NPR. It's sponsored by, the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation and Group Health Foundation.

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Jared Brown was a Poynter Media and Journalism Fellow based at KNKX covering the intersections of policing, courts and power with a focus on accountability and solutions.
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