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Artist Spotlight: Wendi Chen

Wendi Chen
Wendi Chen is an illustrator and digital artist who is a vendor at Pike Place Market. She also exhibits her work at comic conventions and previously worked as a video game artist.

The artists of Pike Place Market share their talents with locals and visitors from around the world. They are also small business owners managing their in-person and online storefronts, inventory and other creative opportunities.

Meet Wendi Chen, one of the artists featured in our KNKX Connects to Pike Place Market series and learn more about her work.

Q&A with Wendi Chen

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Featured artwork: "Pike Place Market (at Dusk)"

Tell us more about this particular artwork.

It's a colorful painting of Pike Place Market at my favorite time, shortly after sunset.

"Pike Place Market (at Dusk)"
Wendi Chen
"Pike Place Market (at Dusk)"

What's next? Any new work or projects you're excited to share?

I'm freelancing on comic covers (for an upcoming YA series), and also working on a series of food-themed prints for pop-up show at an Asian mart in Belltown.

How long have you been a vendor at Pike Place Market? Why did you decide to start selling your art there?

I've been an official vendor since 2017! I have loved the Market ever since I've moved out to Seattle, and I was particularly drawn to the Craft daystalls because the art was all so varied and unique. I also thought it was really neat that the Crafters get to make a living as small business owners - the job just seemed so free-form and interesting.

Is there another local artist (at the market or elsewhere) that you admire?

Too many to name! I'm really inspired by animation vizdev artists like Kevin Dart and Kat Tsai. At the Market, I love the colorful artwork of Kate Endle, the detailed ink sketches of Rosie Edholm, and the beautiful photography of Daniel Fleming.

What is something memorable you’ve witnessed at the market?

One customer who stopped by had a remarkably well-behaved pet parrot, and was letting people get pictures with the parrot on their shoulders!

If Pike Place Market had a theme song or specific sound, what would it be?

The sound of bustling crowds, fishermen calling out orders, and buskers playing live music!

You think you know Pike Place Market but you don’t know about...

The secret garden - complete with a beautiful water view!

Learn more about Chen's art at

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