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Artist Spotlight: Rosie Ferne Edholm

Rosie Ferne Edholm is a Seattle artist.
Rosie Ferne Edholm
Rosie Ferne Edholm is a Seattle artist and vendor at Pike Place Market. Her illustrations are infused with humor, nature and whimsy.

The artists of Pike Place Market share their talents with locals and visitors from around the world. They also inspire and mentor one another, creating a community with wide-ranging styles celebrated and influenced by their peers.

Meet Rosie Ferne Edholm, one of the artists featured in our KNKX Connects to Pike Place Market series and learn more about her work.

Q&A with Rosie Ferne Edholm

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Featured artwork: "Sailors Kiss"

Tell us more about this particular artwork.

It is pen and ink illustration of a sailor kissing a sort of mermaid sea monster.

Rosie Ferne Edhlom

What's next? Any new work or projects you're excited to share?

I’ve been making some small clay sculptures but they aren’t fired yet. I’m always drawing.

How long have you been a vendor at Pike Place Market? Why did you decide to start selling your art there?

Almost 5 years! I love the community of the market. As soon as I had the opportunity to be part of it, when I met David Dickinson [the daystall and craft program manager] at the Fremont Sunday market, I was very excited.

Is there another local artist (at the market or elsewhere) that you admire?

There are so many. We just lostJohn Strongbow, whose work was such an inspiration to me. I’ve collaborated with Rob D’Arc on a puppet movie and learned a lot from him.

I love Kirsti Ringger’s fairy houses and Aaron Murray’s playful ceramics. I guess I’m thinking a lot about ceramics right now. I’ve learned about copperplate etching from Ethan Lind, his work is really beautiful.

What is something memorable you’ve witnessed at the market?

I love that couch-sized Newfoundland dog named "James Bond" who comes through regularly. Someone who used to work at the market used to bring pet rats in her purse and have them in her coat, and I just loved that.

If Pike Place Market had a theme song or specific sound, what would it be?

Maybe laughter?

You think you know Pike Place Market but you don’t know that...

The cosmic crisp apple is the best apple I’ve ever had and I’m a lifelong apple enthusiast and expert. You buy them from one of the cider stands but the apple itself way outperforms the cider.

Learn more about Ferne Edholm's art at

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