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Cyrille Aimée’s new album 'à Fleur de Peau' blooms in the KNKX studios

Singer, songwriter and celebrated improviser Cyrille Aimée visited the KNKX studios in April on the heels of her latest album à Fleur de Peau. Her 2024 tour is taking her around the world, including a performance in Seattle at the Triple Door.

The album combines her French and Dominican heritage, the influences she gathered from living in New Orleans and New York City, and her inspiring new home in, Costa Rica to deliver her most personal album yet.

“This record is the most intimate I've ever been….I'm really being very vulnerable. And it was scary. It almost felt like I'm releasing my personal diary. But it's so gratifying because every time I perform these songs, I'm really sharing who I am on a human level,” Aimée said.

The literal translation of à Fleur de Peau is “on the surface of the skin” but it is a French expression used to describe someone who is in tune with the world, community and their self. Aimée said it’s how she feels performing and writing music.

“It means when you're very in touch with everything around you, and you see the beauty in everything and you're very emotional; everything affects you and you're moved by the smallest things. And I find myself in that state a lot, especially when I'm writing music,” she said.

Aimée, accompanied by the exciting pianist Mathis Picard, brought deeply personal songs for the KNKX studio audience. “Back To You,” written while in a long-distance relationship; an ode to the power of community called “Beautiful Way,” and she picked up the ukulele for the freshly composed “Benjamin."


Cyrille Aimée – vocals, ukulele

Mathis Picard – piano


  1. Back To You (Aimée)
  2. Benjamin (Aimée)
  3. Beautiful Way (Aimée)
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