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Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio grooves in the KNKX studios before leaving Seattle

Delvon Lamarr in the KNKX Seattle Studios.
Courtesy of Tom Collins
Delvon Lamarr in the KNKX Seattle Studios.

One of Seattle's most beloved organ players, Delvon Lamarr and his wife/manager Amy Novo are moving to Austin, Texas, in the new year. They close this chapter with New Year's Eve shows at the Triple Door, and stopped by the KNKX studios to share a few musical pages of the chapters to come.

Guitarist Jimmy James and drummer Doug Octa Port will stay in Seattle. "I love the rain!" James told us. The trio will act as a touring band, getting together to work out new material before heading out on the road. Delvon also will have the opportunity to collaborate with the rich musical cultures of Austin and nearby New Orleans.

Live in the KNKX studios, we were treated to a pair of new songs. "Hole In One" and an as-yet-untitled number temporarily titled "Girly Face" are classic DLO3, full of soul and powered by the original power of "rock." I found myself rocking back and forth to the rhythm, and noticed most of our studio audience were movin' and groovin' along, too.

Finally, the live favorite "Brotha James" (written by Jimmy) popped with a boogaloo funk beat, leaving our studio audience begging for an encore. The love in the room was undeniable, and they jammed out an extra off-air soul stomper before packing up the mighty Hammond B3.

It's that crowd response that's made the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio beloved far beyond their Puget Sound birthplace. We'll all miss having them working out with frequency in our own backyard, but we wish Delvon and Amy safe travels and all the luck in this funky world.

The date of departure is Jan. 14, and you're invited to the farewell party/jam session at the Highland Park Improvement Club in West Seattle on the Jan. 13. Ever wanted to play with the DLO3? Take this opportunity while you can!


  • "Hole In One"
  • "Girly Face"
  • "Brotha James"


  • Delvon Lamarr: Hammond B3 organ
  • Jimmy James: guitar
  • Doug Octa Port: drums
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