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Anat Cohen — Flat-Out Brilliant

Parker Miles Blohm

Clarinetist (and sometime saxophonist) Anat Cohen is a one-woman music-blender.  Born and raised in Tel Aviv and now living in New York, Anat lays out a world of influences in almost every song she plays.  Jazz, classical, klezmer, tango, Brazilian — whatever style or genre of music you can think of, you’ll hear at least echoes of it in Ms. Cohen’s music if you listen long enough.  (And by "long enough" we mean, like, an evening’s performance from her and her band.) 

It seems as if it’s impossible for her to be less than breathtaking every time she plays.  In this studio session, the Anat Cohen Quartet performs three songs, "Putty Boy Strut", "Amah" and "In The Spirit of Baden".  Along with Cohen on clarinet, you’ll hear Jason Lindner (piano and Fender Rhodes), Daniel Freedman (drums) and Tal Mashiach (bass).