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Susan Pascal Quartet | Live Studio Session

Parker Miles Blohm

Out of respect for Susan Pascal, Seattle’s first-call jazz vibraphonist (and a darn nice person), we resisted all temptations to use one of the many plays on the word ‘vibes’ in the title of this introduction.  We figure she’s heard ‘em all.  After all, she’s been a core member of the Seattle jazz community for many years.  In fact, her band for this studio session comes right off the top shelf of regional jazz linchpins—Chuck Deardorf on bass, Mark Ivester on drums and Dave Peterson on guitar.   

When you listen to these songs, it will be apparent that these four fine musicians have been performing together for a long time.  That have a lock on their grooves and the kind of musical telepathy that only comes from many, many gigs together.  And after hearing this sampling of a Susan Pascal Quartet show we’re pretty sure you’ll want to be in the audience at one of their next gigs.

1:  Cubano Chant

2:  All Heart

3:  Double Guatemala