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Live Studio Session : Improvised Music Project / Tyrant Lizard - Don't Fence Us In

The members of Tyrant Lizard are all involved in the University Of Washington’s Improvised Music Project.  When they came to KPLU for a live studio session, they immediately stated their improvisational intentions by beginning the show with a gorgeous version of Don’t Fence Me In.  (So the first thing we knew about the band was that they have a sense of humor.)  

From there they took us further into their collective musical vision as they played an original composition called Stegosaurus followed by an adventurous arrangement of All The Things You Are.  

Over the past few years some of the world’s best known jazz musicians have come into our studios for live sessions, but this session from the young and gifted Tryant Lizard is one of the loveliest we’ve ever presented.


  1. Don't Fence Me In
  2. Stegosaurus
  3. All The Things You Are

Special thanks to Street Bean Espresso for providing coffee at KPLU Studio Sessions.

You can also find our Studio Sessions available as a video podcast in iTunes.

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