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Live Studio Session: Lynne Arriale Carla Cook And Grace Kelly

Song List: 

  1. "Feeling Good"
  2. "The Music Is The Magic"
  3. "I Love Being Here With You"

Lynne Arriale (piano), Carla Cook (vocals) and Grace Kelly (saxophone) are all headline jazz artists who lead their own bands.  Not long ago, though, these three extremely talented players decided it would be fun to get together and pay tribute to the musicians and the songs that initially inspired them to pursue a life in jazz.

On a recent tour through Seattle, Lynne, Carla and Grace set up shop in the KPLU performance studio for the afternoon. They gave us a mini-concert and shared their thoughts in an interview with KPLU’s Kevin Kniestedt. They talked about how they came together as a group , how they selected the music they perform and what that music means to them.

You can also find our Studio Sessions available as a video podcast in iTunes.