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The Westerlies — Chamber Jazz For The 21st Century

Nov 20, 2015

Chances are, you’ve never heard a quartet quite like The Westerlies.  Generally, a jazz quartet is a rhythm section (piano, bass, drums) with a lead instrument (say, saxophone).  Not The Westerlies.  No, no.  Here you have two trumpets and two trombones.  With this unique configuration, they present what is best described as chamber jazz—original compositions, unique arrangements and beautiful improvisation.

The Westerlies, now based in New York, is comprised of four young horn players who have played together since they were students, growing up in Seattle.  On a recent visit to ‘the old home place,’ they made time for a studio session at KPLU.  Check ‘em out.  As stated above, you’ve probably never heard music quite like this.  You’ll be glad you did.

Riley Mulherkar - trumpet

Zubin Hensler - trumpet

Andy Clausen - trombone

Willem de Koch - trombone

1. Double Situation (Riley)

2. The Beach (Zubin)

3. Rue des Rosiers (Andy)

4. The Shop (Willem)