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Rideshare May Be Tempting Option For Parents, But Is It Legal?

Feb 8, 2016

Ask any parent about their biggest challenge — it’s all about the logistics. How to get Suzy to ballet when Johnny has soccer? And your teenager won’t be caught dead in the car you’re driving. But there’s a tempting solution.

Moms of even very young kids find themselves joking about it, but some parents of older kids are actually doing it. They’re relying on rideshare companies — like Uber — to get their kids home from that party Friday night.

Sounds safer than kids driving right? Well, here’s the thing – Uber and Lyft say riders must be 18 to ride without an adult. But there seems to be a “don’t ask don’t tell policy.” Seattle City Councilman Mike O’Brien says he’s concerned.

“It’s important that people remember, you know, these are our kids,” he says.

O’Brien’s been involved in the city’s regulation of companies like Uber. He says unlike taxis which have more government oversight, rideshare companies are run independently.

“And, frankly, a company like Uber, if they say their policy is not to drive around folks under 18 without an adult, then my expectation is that they live up to their own policies.”

So while it might not be against the law, it is against the rideshare companies’ policies — but it’s up to individual drivers to enforce it.