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Madeleine Peyroux Live At KNKX

Jun 28, 2018

Some artists hit you with a soaring voice or a technical prowess.  But Madeleine Peyroux approaches her music with a sublime sense of heartbreak and healing that feels more therapeutic than entertainment.  She’s affected audiences that way for over 22 years with a wizened vocal sensibility reminiscent of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohn and Billie Holiday.  

Her performance in our studios proved an intimate affair with an almost reverent audience.  She was accompanied by Pianist Andy Ezrin and treated us to several songs from her upcoming album which was spawned in the aftermath of the 2016 US elections.

Madeleine held us spellbound with her first tune -- a compelling rendition of Leonard Cohn’s “Anthem” -- the title track to her new August release.

She discussed how vulnerability is part of her trademark sound.  This was illustrated by the next tune “All My Heroes” which she co-wrote. The song spoke to the brokenness of the common man and how each of us holds the ability to inspire no matter our flaws.  Peyroux and Andy worked in tandem to create a beautiful back and forth from guitar to piano with both chorded instruments playing off each other in a lovely flow.

Madeleine said she prefers to collaborate with other musicians who provide a rhythm section and base for a burgeoning work.  Once the germ of the song has transpired she said she prefers to work alone while fine-tuning.

She finished her performance with a lighthearted song titled “On a Sunday Afternoon.” The song was a delightful counterpoint to the previous pensive fare and was homage to the importance of rest.

Her group will tour Australia and write throughout the summer.