Cuban Son with Kiki Valera y su Son Cubano | KNKX

Cuban Son with Kiki Valera y su Son Cubano

Nov 6, 2019

Cuban cuatro master Kiki Valera brought his band back to KNKX for a warm-up performance ahead of their Earshot Jazz Festival concert at Town Hall. 

Celebrating their new CD "Vivencias En Clave Cubana," Kiki and crew treated us to new music and some stories about growing up in Cuba, including the tale of his drunken uncle's horse, and a song commemorating the day the family ranch caught fire. 

After all, Son is Cuba's storytelling music.  

The band: Kiki Valera-cuatro, Coco Freeman-lead vocals, Carlos Cascante-lead vocals and percussion, Yanill Nario-bass, Leider Chappotin-trumpet, Javier Maru-guitar, Jose de Jesus-congas, Pedro Vargas-bongos. 




1.  Vivencias

2.  El Caballo de Curingo

3.  Mi Son

4.  Se Quema La Chumbambá