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Seattle Launches Pay-by-Phone Parking Service

Paying for parking in Seattle is about to get easier.

The city of Seattle is partnering with PayByPhone to allow drivers to pay for street parking on their phones, rather than through pay stations. Likewise, Seattle Police Department Parking Enforcement officers can check their phones for a real-time update on license plates of drivers who have paid by phone. 

Drivers can pay through a free mobile app called PayByPhone, or by calling the service. The app comes with an optional texting feature, which can remind users when their time is about to expire and allow them to extend it if they haven't reached the maximum time allowed. Users will be charged a $0.35 fee for every transaction.

PayByPhone was first introduced Thursday in downtown Seattle, more specifically on First Avenue, Seneca Street, Ninth Avenue, and Stewart Street. The service will expand to all paid parking areas by the end of the year.