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Oakridge, Oregon mayor, 3 city councilors survive recall effort

The Mayor of Oakridge, Oregon and three city councilors survived a recall election Tuesday. A financial crisis created turmoil at recent council meetings.

Mayor Don Hampton and councilors Rayetta Clark, Amy Kordosky, and Glenn Fortune are all still in office. But, for the mayor and councilor Fortune, the margin was narrow. Mayor Hampton attributes that to the widespread dissatisfaction people feel with government these days. Hampton says he's heard of the threat of recall used recently in other Oregon communities.

"We need to seek a legislative remedy to what I consider to be the misuse of the recall process. Right now it's being used if you don't happen to agree with an elected official and I don't believe it's the intent of the recall process to use it in that way," Hampton said.

Hampton says he'd like to focus now on resolving the city's financial crisis. It was recently discovered that the town blew through 1.2 million dollars in cash reserves over a two-year period.

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