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Earthquake Drills: They're Not Just For Kids

Elaine Thompson
Associated Press
In this file photo from Oct. 2016, a student covers his head under a table at Lowell Elementary School in Seattle during a statewide earthquake drill.

On Thusday, people across the state will be taking part in the Great Washington ShakeOut. It’s an earthquake drill.  You might remember this sort of exercise from grade school, but kids aren’t the only ones who need to know what to do.

The drill comes on the heels of several major disasters, but officials say Washington won’t fare much differently when there’s an earthquake. These catastrophic events have shown that being prepared for a disaster is key. For starters, that means stockpiling two weeks worth of supplies, including food and water. 

Here are some other things the Washington State Emergency Management Division recommends:

Practice Drop, Cover and Hold On.

Read about what you can do to prepare.

Use this template to put together a family communications plan.