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Seattle To Decide New Scheduling Rules For Hourly Workers

Daniel X. O'Neil via Creative Commons

The Seattle City Council is scheduled to vote Monday afternoon on new scheduling rules for hourly retail and food-service employees.

The proposed law would require employers to schedule shifts 14 days in advance, pay workers extra for certain last-minute scheduling changes, and provide a minimum 10 hours rest between open and closing shifts, among other provisions.

Supporters, including the mayor and labor-backed groups, say it would address the erratic schedules and fluctuating work hours that make it difficult for worker to juggle other commitments and plan for the future.

The Washington Retail Association and other businesses have opposed the proposal. They say the measure is too restrictive and burdensome and will create more problems for workers. The law would apply to retail and fast-food companies with 500 employees globally.

If approved, Seattle would join San Francisco in becoming the second major U.S. city to pass such legislation.