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Black Lives Matter Demonstrators Stage Protest In Downtown Seattle

Several hundred Black Lives Matter demonstrators gathered in Seattle's Westlake Park Tuesday evening. Signs bearing the names and faces of people of color who were killed by the police in recent years were distributed among the crowd.

With her son at her side, Nichelle Webster joined the march holding a sign that read simply, "Black Lives Matter.”

"I'm here for my son — and all the sons. I’m here for the black community. I'm here because black lives matter,” said Webster. “We need to focus on getting our men, our sons, into a society where they are equal.”

Also among the crowd was protester Monet Bluntson. She said before things can get better, people first need to come together.

“It's not about a black thing. It's not a white thing. It's an issue of humanity,” she said. “We all got to get together and fix it. I'm excited to have everybody here combined, unified, and ready to tackle this issue of racism.”

The protest turned into a march when organizers lead the protesters out of the park and into downtown Seattle, eventually continuing up Pine Street to Capitol Hill before breaking up.