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Know More: Under-Reported Stories For Week Ending 11-21-15

Sound Effect's rountable, left to right: Kari Plog with The News Tribune of Tacoma; Gabriel Spitzer, Host of Sound Effect; Hanna Brooks Olsen with the Seattlish blog; Steve Wilhelm with the Puget Sound Business Journal

This week our gaggle of local journalists includes Kari Plog of the Tacoma News Tribune, Steve Wilhem of the Puget Sound Business Journaland Hanna Brooks Olsen of Seattlish

Olsen brought up the flurry of activity this week in the Seattle City Council, as council members weigh in on the city's budget. In relatively rapid fashion (in legislative terms), council members passed measures to give ORCA cards to income-qualified Seattle Public Schools kids, funding for a new urban rest stop and new money to non-profits to educate tenants about their rights. 

Steve Wilhelm brought up advances in the state's high-tech manufacturing sector. He made the point that Boeing may get all the attention, but companies in Washington are working on all kinds of fascinating manufacturing projects, from space tethersdesigned to gently bring down satellites to magic boxesthat automate whole factories. 

Kari Plog noted what she believes are under-reported aspects of KUOW's acquisition of KPLU, particularly the impact on local news consumers. Plog also mentioned local pieces of the controversy over the nation's refugee policies. She said it's time for more information about what happens to refugees once they get here, particularly the large Southeast Asian and East African refugee populations in Western Washington.