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Do You Have A Wish List For Local Mass Transit? Take The Survey

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What does your ideal commute look like?  Sound Transit wants the public to weigh in on the next phase of planning for light rail expansion.   

But act fast; the comment period closes on Wednesday. You can access a link to the survey on our web site,

According to Sound Transit, the Puget Sound area population is expected to grow by one million people between now and 2040.

That’s like adding the populations of Tacoma, Seattle and Bellevue combined to the already clogged roadways.  So the agency is studying which transit projects should be put forth to voters on a future ballot measure.

Known as Sound Transit 3, that measure is still a draft.  So far on the list: light rail service to downtown Redmond and fast buses on I-405.

Sound Transit Spokesman Geoff Patrick says light rail from Everett to Tacoma is also on the drawing board, because some of the most intense population growth is expected around those cities.

“There’s a huge amount of demand in those areas driven in part by more affordable housing and connecting those areas to the regional transit system with fast, frequent, all-day light rail service is a real opportunity,” he said.

Another opportunity that’s high on the list in Seattle is light rail extensions to West Seattle and Ballard. Once it’s fully fleshed out, the Sound Transit Board hopes the measure will be on the November 2016 ballot.  It would seek to raise $15 billion dollars in taxes to pay for what is likely to be a 15- year plan. 

You can find the survey here: