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Grace Love explores the freedom of soul music in KNKX session

Grace Love brought her soulful Memphis roots to our KNKX studios. Dripping with passion and vulnerability, she performed songs from her newest EP, Work In Protest.

Now based in Port Townsend, Wash., Love keeps busy as a mother, while cultivating community and finishing up graduate school. On top of it all, she continues to create new music. Love took time out of her schedule and caught the earliest ferry down to Seattle for her very first KNKX studio session.

After performing with the Seattle Symphony, Quincy Jones, and The True Loves, she is no stranger to different ensembles. Love's newest band of Pacific Northwest musicians truly captures the raw, garage-band-like sound of Work In Protest. Featuring a quintet of instrumentalists and three vocalists, it was a full house. After a brief soundcheck, Love and the band were ready to perform for an eager audience.

The first song, “In Waiting,” is a soulful plea to a lover, waiting in hopes that they’ll return. The wonderful vocal trio of Eileen Neff, Holly Riccardi and Kathryn Farrell shined on this tune.

From the soft plea to the hard rock, the Betty Davis-esque “Broke” describes a person who’s done with, and “c’aint afford,” love.

Taking us on a rollercoaster of emotions, Love finished off the three-song set with a familiar tune: Steve Miller’s “The Joker” as seen through the lens of her personal love and style. The crowd swayed back and forth to the downtempo groove. Bandmates Park Evans took a masterful guitar solo, Nate Omdal followed on his bass and even drummer Adrian Van Batenburg got in the mix.

Enjoy this KNKX studio session from Grace Love & The Grace Love Band.


  • Grace Love - lead vocals
  • Eileen Neff - vocals
  • Holly Riccardi - vocals
  • Kathryn Farrell - vocals
  • Jason Parker - trumpet
  • Brian Bermudez - saxophone
  • Park Evans - guitar
  • Nate Omdal - bass
  • Adrian Van Batenburg - drums


  1. In Waiting
  2. Broke
  3. The Joker (Steve Miller)
Born and raised in Seattle, Terae Stefon is a graduate of Franklin High School and attended Saint Martin’s University. Terae found his way into radio by volunteering at local community radio stations HollowEarth and RainierAvenue Radio and then at Total Traffic, keeping the region moving as a traffic reporter and producer.
Abe grew up in Western Washington, a 3rd generation Seattle/Tacoma kid. It was as a student at Pacific Lutheran University that Abe landed his first job at KNKX, editing and producing audio for news stories. It was a Christmas Day shift no one else wanted that gave Abe his first on-air experience which led to overnights, then Saturday afternoons, and started hosting Evening Jazz in 1998.
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