How Russell Wilson's new contract helps secure his place in Seattle sports history | KNKX

How Russell Wilson's new contract helps secure his place in Seattle sports history

Apr 19, 2019

We're taking a closer look at what Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's new $140 million, four-year contract means for the team and the city of Seattle. KNKX sports commentator Art Thiel talked with Morning Edition host Kirsten Kendrick about the importance of securing Wilson and, in turn, securing his place in Seattle sports history. 

Thiel said Wilson's new contract, which includes a $65 million signing bonus and a no-trade clause, says a lot about Russell Wilson's relationship with Seattle.

"Wilson's affection for the franchise and the city came through clearly in his press conference," he said. "He really likes being in Seattle. He likes the relationships he's made. His family is well adjusted here. He's made a huge number of business investments here. So, his affection and attachment for Seattle is special."

Despite all its "sparkling achievements of the last decade," Thiel continued, Seattle still feels a bit of sports abandonment. 

"The city lost the Pilots (baseball team) to Milwaukee in 1969. They lost the Sonics in 2008 to Oklahoma City.

"There've been star players such as Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson, Ichiro Suzuki, all of whom have left for what they thought were greener pastures. (For) some it was true, some it wasn't but that abandonment is a big deal.

"One of the reasons they've embraced Edgar Martinez is he was a lifelong Mariner. As Steve Largent was a lifelong Seahawk. And Walter Jones was a lifelong Seahawk.

"So, that's an important emotional element to this contract. It sets things in place for Russell to be a 20-year Seahawk, which would be a big deal and probably certify him as the greatest sports figure in Seattle sports history."

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