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Food for Thought: Nancy eats Mexico

May 8, 2019

Nancy Leson's back from Puerto Vallarta and the wedding of her friends Grant and Martha, which her husband Mac officiated. A lovely time was had by all. But let's get right to the food.

I wanted to know if vacation food and drink tastes better than it deserves to because, well, you're on vacation. Nancy: "I've had better margaritas here in Seattle. But did it taste better because I was sitting outside with warm air flowing past my hair? Yes!"  

Other than the wedding itself, the highlight of her trip was a visit to Vallarta's Emiliano Zapata market. It was there she encountered the lady and chicken pictured above. Nancy didn't buy the chicken, but she did pick up "the best carnitas. Just chopped up pieces of fried pork. " 

Credit Nancy Leson / KNKX
"I stood in the street with grease falling down my face." That's the Nancy I know.
Credit Nancy Leson / KNKX

On the way to the airport for her return to Seattle, Nancy learned that she shared a name with the popular Nance fruit. Her driver confessed that as a child he'd once eaten three kilos of them. The consequences of that Byrsonima crassifolia gorge, he said, were something neither he nor his mother will ever forget.

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