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Food For Thought: The Many Knives Of Nancy Leson

Nov 11, 2015

Who could possibly get all huffy about steak knives?  Nancy Leson's sister Sherry, that's who. 

When Nance told me how honked off Sherry was about them, I had to call her in Philadelphia for confirmation.  Sherry turned out to be a woman of strong—though strange—convictions.

"I say, if you present me with a steak that cannot be cut with a butter knife, do not give it to me.  I don't even own a steak knife,” she said. 

I suggested to Nancy that her sister had probably never come in second in a sales contest..

I don't really have strong feelings about steak knives.  DeGroot and I have been very happy with ours and always share it without squabbling.

I've never spent much money on knives but I was recently seduced by a Kickstarter campaign for the Cook Sharp Misen (for “mise en place”). It looks like a terrific deal for my $65 contribution and I'm looking forward to getting mine sometime this March.  I'll file a full report when I do.

"The difference between the $5 steak and the $20 steak is the steak knife." -- My Mom