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Food for Thought: Concocting homemade cleaning products

Jun 12, 2019

In the dentist's waiting room, searching in vain for the latest Muffler Monthly I struck pay dirt in an old Sunset.  "How to make a two-ingredient all purpose cleaner" with white vinegar and rosemary.

Vinegar and water has been the sole cleaning solution in my kitchen for years but I hadn't thought to add rosemary.  Since we have a rosemary bush the size of a small Christmas tree in the yard I gave the recipe a try. 

I packed a Ball jar tightly with rosemary sprigs and filled it to the brim with straight white vinegar.  A week later I replaced the rosemary with fresh springs.  Later I added lemon peel.  The stuff sat and steeped for almost three weeks.  When I removed the lid and took a sniff it smelled exactly like...

...plain white vinegar.

After I told Nancy Leson about my Big Letdown she related her adventures with homemade cleaning products for her self-described "disgusting" oven window.

"First I tried Bob Vila's advice." Hey, gotta trust Bob, he's on PBS! "It was simply make a paste of baking soda, and water, leave it on the glass for 15  minutes and wipe clean."  And?  "Nothing!"

Next stop, YouTube. "I found this video that suggests a mix of  baking soda, Dawn dishwashing detergent, and apple cider vinegar."  The results this time?  Equally zippo.  Nance did note that she should have known better. The site was Eddie Got Funny Jokes.  Now it was heavy artillery time.

"Easy-Off Extra Strength Oven and Grill Cleaner.  Worked like a charm." Check the before and after.

BEO (before Easy-Off) and after
Credit Nancy Leson / KNKX

Better yet after a quick razor blade scrapedown.

Now that's a clean window.
Credit Nancy Leson / KNKX

I'm picking up some Easy Off on my way home tonight for my oven glass and the burned-on black around the stovetop burners. For everyday cleaning, I still stand by my vinegar and water.  I go with 75 percent white vinegar, hold the rosemary. Put it in an old Windex sprayer or just get a cheap plastic spray bottle at the hardware.  I swear it works as well as any commercial product.

"I could have sexual chemistry with vinegar." – Jessica Alba