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Clash Of The QBs Sunday: Red Hot Russell Wilson Vs. Rookie Phenom Deshaun Watson

Oct 27, 2017

Football fans are going to see two very good quarterbacks compete on Sunday afternoon at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks, led by Russell Wilson, host the Houston Texans and their rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson.

KNKX sports commentator Art Thiel says Watson reminds him of a rookie Russell Wilson, only slightly better.

Watson led Clemson to a national championship win over Alabama in January.

"He is phenomenal," Thiel said. "[Seahawks coach] Pete Carroll this week sort of gushed about how good he is."

"I'm looking at his numbers, and what he's done, and he seems like a rookie Russell Wilson, in terms of productivity."

"But I even think he's better than Russell was in his rookie year simply because he's had more experience at a high level. And he's so athletically gifted, it's quite remarkable."

"He, right now, is the sixth-rated passer in the NFL. Russell Wilson is the ninth."

"Even more remarkably, he averages 7.2 yards a game," Thiel continued. "That leads the NFL among running backs and quarterbacks who've had at least 25 carries."

"He is so swift when he takes off and he's so accurate when he throws that, at age 22, he's altogether one of the best people who've come into the league at that position that we've seen in a while."

"I hope fans can appreciate that this is a special kid that will make for great entertainment Sunday."

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