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Videos: What motivates young people to vote

Justin Steyer

In an election year when young people, 18 to 30, are disparaged for their apparent lack of interest (and here), KPLU has begun a video project to find out what would drive a young person to vote in this election.

We’ve started gathering our videos on the Tumblr page “Give Me a Reason” and will continue to add to it this week. We also hope you (young person) will add your video to our project by submitting it on our Tumblr page.

Here are the three videos we’re highlighting today, there are more on the Tumblr page:

Josh Morrissette: “No gay marriage allowed in my state.”

Kyndall Goss: “They won’t get out of my birth control.”

Michael Fitzpatrick: “Proposition 1, to continue and keep bus service here and around Tacoma.”

NPR young voters project

Our Give Me a Reason project is also part of an NPR member station SoundCloud project: From the West Coast: Voices of Young Voters, West Coast, United States

Check out the page and let us know if you’d like to contribute your (young) voice to the SoundCloud discussion – email KPLU’s Online Managing Editor Jake Ellison at with the statement you would like to make and your contact information.

Also on topic:

Election countdown

Many Washington voters have received their ballots for our state’s first mail-in-only election. In our neck of the woods, so far …

  • Out of more than 1.16 million ballots mailed in King County, 92,000 have been returned.
  • In Snohomish County 415,759 ballots were issued and 4,022 returned.
  • In Pierce County 441,023 ballots were issued and 5,280 returned.

Now for the polling: