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Stephanie Anne Johnson

The Grooveyard Host

Stephanie Anne is a Tacoma native who has been singing since they were young. A classically trained vocalist who is also a fine guitar player and song writer. Stephanie Anne attended Pacific Lutheran University – and now heads the group – The Hi Dogs – which gives you a bit of a clue that they perform - Americana, Soul, Country, Folk, Gospel and who continued to work through the pandemic virtually.
Stephanie Anne has opened for acts that include Mavis Staples, Cedric Burnside, and Black Joe Lewis. Perhaps it’s no surprise that Stephanie Anne is so affecting. Their mantra, after all, is “Find your joy and go there.” Their prowess exudes whether they are singing the Black national anthem - “Lift Every Voice And Sing” - to a packed auditorium or whether they're cooing acoustic lullabies to Saturday night tavern regulars. Their music, which is rooted in all that’s American, expresses the pain of the past, the roots of the down home and the hope that hard work will lead to proper reward.
That ability to entertain and uplift is what makes them a great host for The Grooveyard. The mix of music in the show, like most KNKX programming, mixes eras and digs into the history of Soul-Jazz from the 60's and 70's and blends it with contemporary Soul. blues and jazz that grooves. Join us Saturdays from 1-4pm for some groovin' soul and the enthusiastic support of Stephanie Anne Johnson