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The Music, Volume 2: Sound Effect, Episode 87

Credit Parker Miles Blohm
Singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson performing at Sound Effect's A Friend In Need live show in May 2016.

This week on Sound Effect, we share some of our favorite music-related stories from the past year.

Charlie And The Rays

We meet the musicians of a local band that just released their first record. While some members of the band are too young to patronize the establishments they perform in, that hasn't stopped them from having big hopes for the future.

Bonnie Guitar

Almost 60 years ago, Bonnie Guitar had one of the first “crossover” hits, climbing both the pop and country charts. She would go on to cofound her own record label, something nearly unheard of for a female artist in the 1950s and '60s.  In that role, she produced some of the most important acts out of the Northwest during those decades, including The Ventures and The Fleetwoods. And for all that, her most amazing accomplishment might be the fact that she’s still performing every week – at age 93. Gabriel Spitzer traveled to Soap Lake, Wash. to hear her story

Kimya Dawson

Singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson writes very intimate music that connects with her fans in a very personal way. Dawson shares one of her songs that is sure to break your heart.

Nirvana Vs. Pearl Jam: The Rivalry That Wasn't

Music rivalries date back to the days of The Beatles versus The Rolling Stones, with Seattle bands Pearl Jam and Nirvana also labeled as rivals. But music writer Charles R. Cross explains that most of these music rivalries are created by the media, and not by the bands. 

Compline At St. Mark’s

KING-FM  broadcasts the service of the Compline Choir each and every Sunday. Gabriel Spitzer headed out there, mic in hand to learn more about this long standing tradition and the audience that attends.

‘No Regerts’

The Seattle indie rock band Chastity Belt has "no regerts." Or at least, that’s the name of their 2013 debut album. They joined Sound Effect’s Kevin Kniestedt live in the studio to serenade us with a couple of tunesand talk about why they stand behind even the intentionally misspelled tattoo that was the album’s namesake. 

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by knkx's Jennifer Wing.