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Kids go to court to protest state’s inaction on climate change

A King County Superior Court judge is set to hear arguments this afternoon, in a case brought by kids about climate change.  The young plaintiffs, who filed complaints against the Governor and several state agencies last May, are seeking an effective climate recovery plan from government.  The State has filed a motion to dismiss the case. 

Today’s hearing is part of an international youth campaign launched by the iMatter Trust.  Young people have filed legal actions across the nation as well as a federal lawsuit to compel governments to protect and restore the atmosphere.  According to the organization’s website, a federal hearing has not been set.

The iMatter Trust was started by Kids vs Global Warming, a non profit project of the Earth Island Institute.  The project was started by Alec Loorz, a junior in high school in California.  Loorz began addressing the issue of global warming with colleagues of his generation four years ago after watching An Inconvenient Truth.