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In Everett, podcast helps blind park goers 'see' the park


Winding paths throughout a park are intended to awaken a sense of discovery but for the blind they can be confusing and even dangerous. So to eliminate potential hazards and enhance the park-going experience for its blind visitors, the City of Everett introduced downloadable audio walking instructions for Lions Park.

It’s called an audio wayfinding system and it’s one of several renovations unveiled today.

The directions can be downloaded to an i-Pod or smart phone and they can be accessed by calling a toll free phone number (1-888- 617-7386).

The city says it’s the first use of this technology in a public park in the United States.

Also new are a sensory garden and braille tactile maps so people can feel the layout of the park. The improvements came in just under $20,000 and were partially paid for by the Everett Lions Club.

Communications Director for the city, Kate Reardon, said if the audio wayfinding system is a success it could be expanded to other city parks.

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