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A new drive-through COVID-19 test site opens in Skagit County

A drive-through COVID-19 testing site is operating on the campus of Skagit Valley College.
Courtesy of Skagit County Public Health
A drive-through COVID-19 testing site is operating on the campus of Skagit Valley College.

A new drive-through testing site is up and running in Skagit County for people who suspect they have COVID-19. It’s open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Skagit Valley College. The site has the capacity to perform up to 200 tests a day.

"Right now what we're doing is we're testing any symptomatic members of the public,” said Bronlea Mishler, a spokeswoman for Skagit County. “So fever, cough, shortness of breath, and it's open to any health care worker or first responder regardless of symptoms.”

It’s open to anyone who meets these criteria, and you don’t have to live in Skagit County. People who have a note from their doctor also can get tested. 

This test is self-administered. It’s the nasal swab test. It does not go all the way to the back of your throat.

This site is one of many throughout the state. You need to register online before you go. To locate a testing site near you, contact your county's public health office. You can find a link to those offices here.

Also, Medicaid enrollment is year-round through Washington’s Health Benefit Exchange. If someone needs an individual health plan, they have until May 8 to sign up for a health plan during the exchange’s special open enrollment.

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