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UW resident physicians staging a 'wellness day off' Friday

Paula Wissel

According to the University of Washington, about 159 resident physicians, fellows and dental students at UW hospitals and clinics have called in sick for Friday.


The unionized residents are calling it a "wellness day" and say it's a chance for them to see their own doctors.

Dr. Krishna Prabhu, a resident in internal medicine at the University of Washington, says that because of the 36-hour shifts residents often work, they have little time for anything else, including seeing their own health care providers.


In negotiations between the union, known as the UW Housestaff Association, and the University of Washington, residents are pushing for more time off and less grueling hours. Healthy doctors, they say are better doctors.


The University of Washington, which was notified weeks ago about the planned sick day, said in a statement they don't anticipate any "disruption in care to our patients" on Friday.


"UW Medicine is committed to fostering an environment that supports the well-being of our residents and fellows," the statement reads.