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Training Future Journalists In A Time Of Media Skepticism

Western Washington University
Carolyn Nielsen is an associate professor of journalism at Western Washington University




In September, the Knight Foundation released the results of a poll about public confidence in the news media. Most adults in the survey, including 90 percent of Republicans, said they have lost trust in journalists, citing concerns over accuracy and bias. But, there was a little hope. Nearly 70 percent said that trust can be restored.


Couple this public sentiment with contracting newsrooms, and journalism can feel like a shaky career choice.

Carolyn Nielsen is working to give future journalists confidence. She’s an associate journalism professor at Western Washington University. But she’s also worked in newsrooms, including the Bellingham Herald.

Nielsen says she finds her students inspiring. She says they push back on assumptions and look for new ways to tell stories. For her part, Nielsen encourages her students to keep those stories messy. She explained her teaching style to KNKX producer Geoffrey Redick.


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