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The Overcast: How Will Seattle Face The 'Period Of Maximum Constraint' On Traffic?

Elaine Thompson
AP Photo
In this Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017, file photo, traffic fills all lanes of Interstate 5 heading into downtown Seattle.

Seattle transportation planners have dubbed the next three years as the "period of maximum constraint." It's a time when several transportation and construction projects converge to make getting around an already congested city even harder.

Seattle Times transportation reporter Mike Lindblom recently laid out these projects, from the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct to the Seattle streetcar expansion to the addition of new bike lanes. He spoke with his colleagues Jim Brunner and Dan Beekman about what this means for travelers.

The conversation above is an excerpt from The Overcast, the Seattle Times politics podcast recorded at KNKX. 

You can find The Overcast on iTunes, TuneIn, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

A Seattle native and former KNKX intern, Simone Alicea spent four years as a producer and reporter at KNKX. She earned her Bachelor's of Journalism from Northwestern University and covered breaking news for the Chicago Sun-Times. During her undergraduate career, she spent time in Cape Town, South Africa, covering metro news for the Cape Times.