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Bellevue Dips A Toe In Bike-Sharing

Simone Alicea
Spin CEO Derrick Ko demonstrates how to unlock his company's stationless bicycles in Seattle. Cities like Bellevue are also considering welcoming such bike-sharing programs.

Bellevue transportation officials are trying to get a read on whether Eastsiders would welcome a bike-share program.

The city is gauging interest through a survey, and it’s hosting the Eastside Bike Share Vendor FairWednesday at Bellevue City Hall, along with neighboring cities.

According to Andreas Piller, a planner at the City of Bellevue Transportation Department, most of the concerns the city has heard so far are similar to those Seattle has grappled with. There are questions about using helmets, where to park the bikes, and how to pay for it.

“It is likely to be in the same vein as Seattle, wherein the city is permitting private operators to operate a bike share in their city without investing city finances into doing so,” said Piller.

Another concern is the lack of a seamless network of bike lanes in downtown Bellevue.  But Piller says a recent voter-approved transportation levy provides funding to build more bicycle lanes.  

Wednesday's bike share fair runs from 5-7 p.m. It will give the public a chance to check out bikes from different companies, including those who already operate in Seattle. The survey will be open through Oct. 20.