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Sometimes You Can't Go Home Again: A Fire's Aftermath

Ten years ago,  Brian Yeager and Amelia Bonow’s lives changed forever. 

Brian was a musician who tended bar at Belltown’s Lava Lounge. Amelia worked as a server next door at Mama’s Mexican Kitchen. They saw each other in passing.  Soon, they saw each other in the specific.

Sparks flew. 

It was a hard and fast love, but a sure one. Bonow eventually moved into Yeager’s house in Lower Queen Anne, a home they would share with a menagerie of plants and a cat named Rooster. 

Then came the fire.

It didn't just burn through their possessions; it nearly consumed everything else as well.

This story was originally broadcast as part of Sound Effect, a weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live.

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