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Washington's Largest Fire Almost Contained

Elaine Thompson
The Associated Press
Smoke rises from a thickly timbered hillside as a tree goes up in flames in the hills above Twisp, Wash., Friday, Aug. 21, 2015.

The fire that has rewritten Washington record books is now 90-percent contained. The Okanogan Complex is 133,000 acres in size, the largest in recorded state history.

Fire information officer Erin McKenzie says rugged terrain on the south side of the fire hindered efforts to contain it, until recently when it spread to a forest road. That portion is north of Buck Mountain in the Okanogan National Forest. She says efforts have shifted to repairing damage caused by firefighting equipment.

The estimated cost to fight the complex is about $43 million. This fire season has been particularly dangerous in Washington. Three firefighters were killed and one was severely burned near Twisp, in a fire connected to the Okanogan Complex. McKenzie says it has been a long summer. But she says crews will be mopping up the Okanogan Complex for a while longer.