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Food for Thought: What we cook when we don't feel like cooking

Nancy's halibut in parchment. Looks fancy, takes minutes.

This just in! Nancy Leson's report on responses to a recent Twitter thread asking “Are you really !#&! tired of cooking?”

I was shocked — simply shocked — to learn that after all these months of home isolation many people really are !#&! tired of cooking.

Not me, though.

I've always cooked pretty much every day anyway, so nothing much has changed for me. But as Nancy rightly points out, I'm not preparing meals for three kids and a spouse multiple times a day tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Since it's just me and DeGroot, and we're mostly on our own for breakfast and lunch, that's a petty pace from which my day-to-days are exempt.


Nance got her info from a profane Tom and Lorenzo Twitter thread. Some tweeters claimed they still love to rattle them pots and pans, but many others are ready to take a break. One even claimed “My kitchen is tired of cooking!”


This week Nancy shares one of her favorite "I don't feel like cooking" recipes: the quick and easy seafood in parchment. “I scraped some corn off the cob, laid it down on the parchment, put the fish on top of it, topped it with tarragon from the garden and some cherry tomatoes, closed up the parchment and baked it in the toaster oven for 15 minutes at 425 degrees.” Well, that's her idea of not cooking, anyway.


Mine is to brown up some ground meat with onions, dump in a can of chili and have it over rice. I call it "augmented chili." Crude but effective. And when even that's too much trouble, I just cram down some Cheez-Its.


So what's your story? Tired of cooking? Or are you !#&! tired of cooking?


I go out to the kitchen to feed the dog but that's about as much cooking as I do.” – Betty White