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The goat-to gal for charming cheeses

Nancy Leson

Sure,  I love to play the philistine in my encounters with Nancy Leson on Food for Thought but it's time to reveal that I have been Velveeta-free for almost four years.   One more year and I get my pin. 

Meantime, I've been enjoying some of the wonderful locally made stuff and so has Nancy.   We had a lot of fun on this one.  Hear all about it with a click on the audio gizmo under the
Read More" teaser.

In one of her recent Seattle Times columns, Leson wrote about the fine goat cheeses being put out by Mountain Lodge Farm near  Eatonville

Having said that, I'll still tell the world that the V-cheese is just the stuff for a grilled cheese and bacon san.  Just not for me, anymore.  For now.

So which are your favorite cheeses?  Cheese dishes?

"The clever cat eats cheese and breathes down the rat hole with baited breath."

– W.C. Fields

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