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Wonderfully weighty won tons

I was eager to hear all about the fabulous high-end chow I knew Nancy Leson had been scarfing in New York City's hottest dining spots. Instead we took a detour to Jersey. You got a problem wit dat?

Nancy's term for it is "old hunger." Fond memories of, and desire for, the food of our youth.  She got double helpings on this latest trip.  Salt water taffy on the boardwalk in Atlantic City and then a visit back to her favorite old school Cantonese joint, the Dragon House in Wildwood, NJ.

We can  look forward to hearing more about some of the higher end stuff she got to enjoy in New York on subsequent Food for Thought segments.  Right now, I feel like having a big bowl of won  ton soup with plenty of those  fried noodles. You too? Here's how to make your own.

1 package square won ton wrappers from the supermarket.
Vegetable oil Stack wrappers 4 or 5 deep and slice into strips 1/4" to 1/2" wide. Heat 2" of oil in skillet. I know you're not going to check the temp so just wait till it looks hot and throw in a test strip. If it sinks to the bottom it's too cool. If it floats and turns golden brown and a little bubbly in a few seconds you're about right. Fry off all the strips you want (you'll want more than you think). Serve on the side with take-out won ton soup.

"Although nobody has been poisoned, this at the very least is an irregular way of slaughtering poultry."
Chonqinq health official on the practice of some restaurants using snakes to kill chickens –BBC

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